Hardwood Flooring

We install hardwood flooring

New flooring, wainscot and trim

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Where to buy local wood flooring

You can supply your own flooring, or we’ll be happy to supply from any local source.

For quality flooring produced from natural forest salvage (Beetle killed, Fire Killed and Windfallen Trees) and Small Family Owned Woodlots practicing principles of sustainability of their own here in B.C., you should consider: Woodland Wideplank Flooring, an Island company based in Comox.


Hardwood Finishes

There are a number of excellent finishes available for unfinished floors and other woodwork, but we recommend Saicos Premium Hardwax oil, a durable, easy to apply finish which has the invaluable advantage of making repairs to the finish an easier task if necessary in the future. Woodland Floors use this product as a finish for their locally produced flooring.

It is available in Nanaimo from:
The Gallery, 1595 Bowen Road
Phone 250 816 8577


We also install Laminate Flooring


Phone: (250) 740 1733 or fill out our contact form below.